08 December 2010

The bizarro world

Years ago, in Point Hope, Alaska, a young Phil Holbrook was captivated by the Coen Brother's FARGO. After seeing a mere glimpse of a warmer climate, nothing could keep Phil from heading south. He landed in Brainerd, Minnesota, where his enthusiasm for the town quickly landed him a job at the Brainerd Lakes Chamber Welcome Center. He gives tours of Brainerd--epic, sprawling tours known to last for hours--and meticulously touches up the paint on the Center's Paul Bunyan statue.
Spoxx came to America from Germany three years ago. He first touched down in Pittsburgh, which was supposed to just be a connection, but it was a long flight, and he was so tired of being in the plane (can you blame him?), that he decided to explore the city. Only, he got lost. Eventually, he found his way to the HofbrÀuhaus, where his authentic German-ness allowed him to be hired on as a consultant. He was also in charge of teaching the waitresses how to correctly pronounce items on the menu. But, he couldn't shake the lure of show biz. He signed up to fill in for the guy who sings the drinking songs in the big hall. Before long, there was a line around the block. Now he's the hottest ticket in town.
Adam Woods fell in love with New Orleans during his first trip for Mardi Gras. The next year he was back in force, only this time his car was full and he wasn't leaving no matter what. During Hurricane Katrina he could often be seen in the background behind Jim Cantore, mugging for the camera in his The Only Good Bush is a Reggie Bush t-shirt. These days, Adam makes a living re-selling beads to tourists and survives primarily on Kickstarter perks.
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