13 March 2011

Looking for projects

Hey everyone,

So some of you may have heard that our project for the last couple of days got pushed back in the calendar, so we've kind of been spinning our wheels for a couple of days. Well, actually the plan was to take the time to work on my film UP COUNTRY, but...um...then this happened: 

These things happen. I've been catching up on my sleep here in Pittsburgh and working on some organizational stuff. So things have been quiet but not unproductive. I figure it's wise to rest when forces outside our control say that maybe I should rest.

Also, it doesn't hurt to have a martini or two.



Soon, though, we'll be back on the road, bringing you some great stuff. But, we still need more projects. The plan right now is to head toward Brainerd, MN for Phil Holbrook's EGO FEST, so we'd love to pick up some stuff in the middle of the country. Don't hesitate to contact us (or, just contact me, since that's what everyone seems to be doing anyway: lmcnelly [at] gmail.com) 

If you (or someone you know is on the fence), here's an example of the benefits: 

 ++ You get this sort of volunteer work on your film

 ++ I'll take lots of nice pictures of your production, working with you based on whatever you do and don't want to show. 

 ++ I'll write nice things about your project, which people can find at the following places: 

1. Film Courage 

2. The Mubi Garage (a.k.a. The Auteurs Garage) 

3. Our Webpage

and, coming soon...

4. Filmmaker Magazine

Yup, I'm going to be writing some articles for Filmmaker that take something of a different tact than the normal blog posts, but I'll still be talking about the films I work on along the way. Keep an eye out for that.

And, I'm sure there will be more to come. Wouldn't you love to have that sort of buzz for your project while you're still filming? Sure you would.

Let's get you on the schedule. 

Oh, and watch the videos (or at least the ads). The money we get from those will help keep us on the road.