28 September 2011

Nice Things

This project has a tendency to be a never-ending stream of me talking about stuff, so it's nice to hear from someone else for a change. Namely, one of our backers.

From the beginning of the Kickstarter campaign, this has been a project that's relied on the kindness, generosity, and just general involvement of the backers and audience, whether it be in getting the campaign off the ground or fixing a window or just supplying a place to sleep.

So it's great to hear some feedback from one of the backers that have been there since the beginning, filmmaker Leilani Holmes.

I honestly didn't think twice about becoming a backer, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it, the people and projects I’ve gotten to know about (and to know), the lovely photographs, well written, sometimes almost poetic, articles and insights plus the daily throwaway banter of twitter comments and humour that happens along the way. For me, there’s a vitality to the work that has gone beyond all the other projects I’ve backed. It’s hard to put into words why it’s such an important project but I feel that in time, and with more examination, this unique multimedia view into independent filmmaking really is important, not just interesting, and the things we can learn from it are salient. It’s rare that such a broad experience of behind the scenes filmmaking is available from a single source that is, while respectful to the films, also objectively observed rather than from the PR versed mouths of the makers themselves. There’s definitely something savoury to me about that.

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Filmmaker Lucas McNelly is spending a year on the road, volunteering on indie film projects around the country, documenting the process and the exploring the idea of a mobile creative professional. You can see more from A Year Without Rent at the webpage. His feature-length debut is now available to rent on VOD. Follow him on Twitter: @lmcnelly.