23 November 2011


Last night, Marty Lang and Damian Dydyn got to work and came up with an outline. Yes a whole outline. Already.

And I think if we're really going to do this, it's important to show people as much of the process as possible, so what we've decided to do is put the draft of the script online for your reading pleasure. That way, people can see how it changes over time and offer suggestions, because I'm sure we're not thinking of everything. The first version is up now. The 2nd version too.

Thoughts? Put them in the comments. But remember that AYWR doesn't publish anonymous comments, so keep that in mind.

I'm supposed to add: by commenting below you understand that your ideas may or may not be used in the final film. The amount used is up to our complete discretion. As is any credit given or withheld in any medium. You acknowledge that you are contributing without any promise of payment. So don't fucking sue anyone.

Draft 1 (Oct 1)

Draft 2 (Oct 1)

Draft 3 (Oct 1)

Draft 4 (Oct 2)

Draft 5 (Oct 2)

Draft 6 (Oct 3)

Draft 6, with notes from yours truly (Oct 28)

Draft 7 (Nov 23)

Draft 8 (Dec 15)

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