18 February 2012

The Final Day

This is the blog post where I'm supposed to get all teary-eyed and profound. Or, where I wow you with "One More Thing...". But I don't have any of that right now. There's no big, epic, raging party at the finish line, no balloons falling from the ceiling, no confetti, nothing grand at all. At least, not that I know of.

And that's totally fine.

I'm not even on a set today. I'm going to go down to Santa Monica and hang out with Dustin Pearlman and his couch will be the final AYWR couch. Simple as that.

But I think what gets lost a lot in talking about AYWR is how important the community has been in quite literally keeping this thing afloat. Ultimately, this is your project and a document of how you collectively operate. I'm just the guy going from place to place to see it first-hand.

So on this, the final day, I think it'd be better to hear from you. AYWR kind of lives on Twitter, so I'd love if you could tweet your reaction to the end of AYWR--good, bad, whatever. I'll collect as many as I can and add them to the bottom of this post.

Without you, AYWR doesn't work. Without you, it's nothing.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. It's been a hell of a year.

Filmmaker Lucas McNelly is spending a year on the road, volunteering on indie film projects around the country, documenting the process and the exploring the idea of a mobile creative professional. You can see more from A Year Without Rent at the webpage. His feature-length debut is now available to rent on VOD. Follow him on Twitter: @lmcnelly.